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Control your home with your Tucson Vivint app

The comprehensive Tucson Vivint mobile app manages all your Vivint devices

Setting your home security and home automation systems has never been easier. Thanks to your Tucson Vivint App, you can seamlessly manage your whole security system with a few presses on a screen. Arm your system to secure your home. Watch current feeds or use the two-way talk channel on your home security cameras. Or adjust your lights, adjust the thermostat, and secure your doors when you're not at home. Thanks to your Tucson mobile app, you have a universal smart home hub that works anywhere you do.

Your Tucson Vivint app makes your home safer

The Vivint App allows your home security and automation devices to suit your unique needs. With just a couple of swipes on your mobile device, you’re able to:

Arm your home security system: Turn on your detectors and alarms before you prepare for bed, or disarm the system remotely when visitors drop by when you're at work. Or set your Tucson home security system to arm at a predetermined time.

Watch HD video from your cameras: View live feeds of your Tucson security cameras in full HD. Or receive 20-second video clip snippets on your mobile device.

Make your home more efficient: Set your lighting to a more fitting brightness, or check to see if you left your lights on prior to leaving on errands. Automatically adjust the thermostat at bedtime. Then program a timer to warm up your home before you start your day.

Unlock and lock your doors: Set one-time codes for maintenance workers, or unlock your doors from wherever you are. Get notifications sent to your phone when visitors arrive at house. You’re also able to find out if you left the garage door open.

Pair security and automation systems together: The biggest benefit of a Vivint system is knowing that your home security and home automation devices work together. Have your thermostat, lighting, security system, and other smart devices to act on a timer. Setting your house to night mode only takes a quick tap of a button.

Designed with the basics in mind so the system works as intended

Unlike competitors that depend on third-party monitoring centers and accessories, Vivint created their app from from the beginning as key component for all their offerings. This way every component functions as it should out of the box. New home security or smart devices can easily sync with the app, so your smart system can adjust as needed. And because every device works perfectly together with simple commands, it’s easy to swiftly set custom actions.

Manage your smart home with Amazon Echo or Google Home

Pair your Vivint system with your personal voice assistant to control your devices with just your voice. Just ask Amazon Echo or Google Home to raise or lower the thermostat, adjust your lighting, or lock the doors. Or inform your assistant that you’re going out, and they’ll lock your doors and set your alarms automatically.

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