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What are some possibilities for door and window sensors in Tucson?

May 20, 2024
Modern motion sensor next to an open window

Defending your entry points is one of the primary functions of a home security system. But what is the top method of securing those crucial locations? Investigate the different options for window and door sensors in Tucson and discover what you need to know to attain the best defense for your home.

Select versatile contact door and window sensors for your Tucson home

Do you have interest in a versatile choice that’s sensible for windows, doors, and other spots? Magnetic contact sensors have become the preferred type for Tucson property owners. They are adaptable to nearly any kind of door or window and work with a simple two-piece system. You’ll find the primary sensor body on one half of the configuration, usually on the door or window sash. A basic magnetic piece is fastened on the other side, most often fastened to the frame. Your security alarm will sound if the magnetic field breaks when your home’s security is armed.

Most contact sensors are fabricated with interior decor in mind, as they are smaller in size, slender, and unobtrusive. They are also highly effective, but you’ll find other choices to pick from.

Protect against broken glass intrusion

More intent thieves could try to enter by just shattering windows. You can employ glass break window sensors in Tucson to defend against this danger. These sensors work by observing vibration, sound, or both. You could place them on ground-level windows and glass doors. Cellar windows accessible from the back or side of your home are also susceptible. Intruders are more probable to smash a window if there’s a better chance they won’t be noticed.

Detection fields will vary for glass break window sensors. For instance, a lone sound-detecting sensor could be enough for several windows within a room.

Tucson motion sensors may also protect doors and windows

While most residents choose contact and glass break sensors, you could use motion sensors as an extra line of protection. Place your motion sensors so that higher risk windows and doors are inside their detection range. If an invasion occurs, you’ll be glad you implemented this added protection.

Wired or no wires? Customary door sensors or recessed?

When choosing door and window sensors in Tucson, you have a couple more options. One of the biggest is whether to install wired or wireless equipment. Wireless sensors are terrific for speedy installations, and you’ll be glad to discover that batteries can last for years. When a battery needs switching, most security installations will alert you. If you don’t wish to have a detectable door sensor for due to design preferences or other reasons, you could choose recessed options. These components are virtually invisible and attach entirely within your frame and door.

Modern security systems will even dispatch instant security warnings to your smartphone If a component is tripped, regardless of what type of sensor you have.

Get window and door sensors in Tucson with your modern Vivint smart home

Protect your most vulnerable areas with an advanced smart home from Vivint. We’ll supply your preferred door and window sensors in a comprehensive, whole-home plan. You’ll also enjoy the bonus of round-the-clock professional monitoring. If a sensor trips, you and your monitoring specialists will know. Dial (520) 655-6492 today to order the latest in home security.